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18 Jan 2019
| 3 min read

Style and practicality come with buying a condo in Chicago’s West Loop

With a low inventory of single-family homes in popular neighborhoods, many home buyers are looking at condos for sale in Chicago to meet a middle ground of location and practicality. If you find yours...

By Calvin
17 Jan 2019
| 6 min read

How to build credit fast for a better mortgage rate

Most people have a misunderstanding about building credit. Building your credit score is incredibly easy and can be done quickly. In fact, you can establish a strong credit score with no prior credit ...

14 Jan 2019
| 4 min read

How credit scores affect your mortgage rate and approval

When you’re ready to buy a home, your credit score plays a major role in what kind of house you can afford and your mortgage payments - especially the interest rate.

10 Jan 2019
| 4 min read

Ask the Underwriter: How will the government shutdown affect borrowers seeking a mortgage?

I'm making it easier for everyone to understand how the mortgage process works! As part of my brand new "Ask the Underwriter" feature, I'll be posting your questions and my answers each week. Want to ...

08 Jan 2019
| 6 min read

Buying a home in South Loop Chicago

Chicago’s South Loop is teeming with unique neighborhood pockets and attractions. This doesn’t just mean contemporary shops and modish restaurants. Unlike other Chicago neighborhoods, you’ll also find...

By Calvin

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