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    Multi family property mortgage, 2-4 unit home loan

    2 to 4 Unit Home | How to buy a multi-unit property

    Multi-family, 2 to 4 unit homes are affordable and surprisingly easy to buy.

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    Mortgage Insurance How much is PMI?

    Mortgage Insurance | How much is PMI?

    The cost of private mortgage insurance (PMI) varies depending on several factors, including the lender. Some lenders charge more than others for the same PMI. In this article,..

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    Down Payment on a house. How much?

    Down Payment | How much for a down payment on a house?

    If you're thinking about buying a home, you should know you have choices regarding a down payment. The popular belief is that homebuyers need 20% of the property's purchase price...

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    Debt-to-income ratio DTI mortgage

    Debt-to-Income ratio | What is a good DTI for a mortgage?

    Debt-to-income (DTI) is a measure that compares the amount of debt you have to the amount of income you receive. Lenders use this ratio to determine how much you can afford to pay..

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    Seller closing cost credit. How to get the seller to pay closing costs when buying a home.

    Seller Credit | Can the seller pay the homebuyer's closing costs?

    Sellers can pay the buyer's closing costs. It's called a seller or closing costs credit when the sellers of a property agree to credit a sum of money to the buyer at closing time...

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    What is loan-to-value (LTV) for a mortgage? How to calculate LTV

    Loan-to-Value | How to calculate LTV for a mortgage

    Loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is a measure that compares the amount of the mortgage loan to the value of the property. Lenders use it to determine the risk of lending you money for a..

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    Earnest money buying a home

    Earnest Money | How it works when buying a home

    Earnest money is a deposit made by you, the homebuyer, to demonstrate that you are serious about purchasing a property. The earnest money is held in escrow and applied toward the..

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    Mortgage Contingency | How it works when buying a home

    In this article, I'll explain the mortgage contingency, show you where to find it in a real estate contract, and tell you why you need to know about it when buying a house. First,..

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    Notice of intent to proceed

    Notice of Intent to Proceed

    The mortgage lender must honor the terms of the Loan Estimate for ten days. If you wait more than ten days after receiving a Loan Estimate to give your intent to proceed, the..

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    mortgage interest rate lock

    Mortgage Rate Lock | How an interest rate lock works

    Like stock prices, mortgage interest rates constantly change. By locking in, you freeze the lender's rate and origination charges. As a result, you know how much your loan will..

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    How a mortgage co-signer can help you buy a home

    You're ready to buy a home, but the bank said you don't qualify for a mortgage. It's all right; you still have options. When your income, savings, or credit history falls short,..

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    principal residence, second home, investment property

    Principal residence, second home, or investment property?

    When you buy a new home, who lives there will help determine how much your mortgage will cost.

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    Mortgage staffing agency

    Can you get a mortgage if you work through a staffing agency?

    If you work for a staffing agency, you might need help buying a house. Most banks won't use your staffing agency income to approve your mortgage. And, unfortunately, without a..

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    rental income investment property mortgage

    How future rental income can help you buy an investment property

    As a homeowner, you know that owning property is a stellar way to build wealth over time. But if you’re interested in expanding your homeownership with a rental property, we’ve..

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    Can I get a mortgage if I’m already a co-signer?

    Can you get a mortgage if you're already a co-signer?

    As a co-signer on a mortgage, you've committed to another person's financial obligation to the loan. You probably co-signed to help out a friend or family member who couldn't..

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