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30 year fixed mortgage

NewCastle Home Loans offers affordable fixed-rate mortgages that make homeownership possible.

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Low rate with a payment that won’t change
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Down payment of only 3% of the purchase price
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Credit score of 620 or higher

Mortgage rate today for 30 year fixed

View the current interest rate and monthly payment. Also, see all the closing costs upfront so you know how much buying a home will cost.


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Current mortgage rates on 30 year fixed

Check the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. See how the most popular home loan has performed recently.

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Ask questions, get straight answers, and find out how to start on your home loan.
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Property type Maximum conforming loan amount
Single family, condominium, or townhome
2 units, duplex, multifamily
3 units, triplex, multifamily
4 units, multifamily

Down payment for a conventional loan

Buy a home with a down payment of only 3% of the purchase price. Or put more money down for a lower monthly payment. We’re ready to help you select the right mortgage for the perfect home.
Property type Minimum down payment as a percent of the purchase price
Single-family, condo, or townhome
2-unit, multi-family home
3-unit, multi-family home
4-unit, multi-family home

Conventional loan credit score

A strong credit score pays off when buying a home. It earns you a lower mortgage interest rate and payment, saving you money over time. 
If your credit score is... You should...
740 or higher
Enjoy the lowest rate available.
From 620 to 739
Expect a higher rate, depending on your score.
From 580 to 619
Consider an FHA loan. The minimum score for a conventional loan is 620.
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Frequently asked questions

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Conventional versus jumbo mortgage

What are the requirements for conventional loan

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See how much buying a home will cost.

Check today's mortgage rates, your monthly payment, and closing costs.
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