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18 Apr 2019
| 7 min read

Get down payment help with Chicago’s Home Buyer Assistance Program

Chicago’s Home Buyer Assistance Program is making homeownership easier in Cook County. Not only can you use this grant for down payment assistance in Chicago, but you can also use it towards closing c...

12 Apr 2019
| 7 min read

Should I use my retirement savings to buy a home?

“I’m buying a home and planning on putting 5% down. But would it be better to take money from my retirement savings and put more money down?" We hear this question quite often. Many home buyers wonder...

By Calvin
11 Apr 2019
| 3 min read

Find a variety of homes for sale in Edgwater, Chicago

Acting as a reminder of the roaring 20’s, Edgewater’s vintage feel is complete with old style movie theatres and antique shops. But the neighborhood’s charm is only amplified by the beautiful beaches ...

By Calvin
02 Apr 2019
| 4 min read

Looking at apartments in Chicago? Don't overlook Andersonville.

There are plenty of charming northside Chicago neighborhoods you can choose to buy a home in, but none are as eccentric and welcoming as Andersonville. If you're looking at apartments in Chicago, Ande...

By Calvin
01 Apr 2019
| 4 min read

How much cash do I need to close on a VA Loan?

When you use a VA Loan, how much money will you need to fork over at the closing of your home? This is a very common question I hear when veterans reach out to me. What you’re looking for is an estima...

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