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12 Dec 2019
| 2 min read

How to benefit from a Gift of Equity when buying a home from a family member

If you’re thinking about buying a home from a family member, you should take a quick look into how you can benefit from a Gift of Equity.

11 Dec 2019
| 3 min read

How to buy a home in Chicago for less than $200,000

A tight budget doesn’t mean you have to keep renting forever. When you rent, you’re often helping someone else pay their mortgage – why not your own?

By Calvin
27 Nov 2019
| 3 min read

Buy a home in Chicago for less than $300,000

The weather may not make you realize it, but buying season is just around the corner in Chicago. If you’re in the hunt for a home, it’s time to start looking.

13 Nov 2019
| 5 min read

Do I need a real estate attorney to buy or sell a home?

You always want a real estate attorney on your side whether you’re buying or selling a home. They help negotiate deal, write contracts, and avoid complicated legal issues. Attorneys give you peace of ...

08 Nov 2019
| 11 min read

How and when to use land contracts to buy a home

Land contracts are a source of seller financing generally used for unique property types and situations. Instead of borrowing from a mortgage lender, you make payments to the seller of the property yo...

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