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01 Nov 2019
| 5 min read

How to cancel your mortgage insurance and save money

When you put less than 20% down on your home, you’re required to pay for mortgage insurance. But that doesn’t mean the mortgage insurance is permanent. By canceling your mortgage insurance, you can sa...

31 Oct 2019
| 5 min read

How to survive the zombie apocalypse and the mortgage process

Zombies are everywhere. They’re at the movies, in video games, and in Zombieland 2. Halloween is here, so you’ll see plenty of the undead trudging through your neighborhood looking for treats.

29 Oct 2019
| 1 min read

What does clear to close mean?

You’ve given the underwriter your social security number, provided bank statements and explanations for deposits to your account, emailed tax returns and W2s... but now, finally, your loan is "clear t...

25 Oct 2019
| 5 min read

Food and culture dominate living in Chinatown Chicago

Located near the South Loop, Chinatown is one of the smallest but most well known Chicago neighborhoods. And it’s the only growing Chinatown in the U.S. Not only do immigrants continue to move into th...

By Calvin
22 Oct 2019
| 5 min read

Can I get a mortgage if I owe federal tax debt to the IRS?

If you owe tax debt to the IRS, you may be afraid your dream of homeownership is on the line. And our underwriters are here to to tell you how you can get approved for a mortgage if you owe federal ta...

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