Approved Buyer Cert

It's a real loan approval, better than the old mortgage pre approval

Get a real mortgage approval before you shop for a home

NewCastle’s Approved Buyer Cert is a real mortgage loan approval, and you can get one quickly and easily online, right now, even before you shop for a home.

Know for sure how much you can spend on a home. Then easily zero-in on the places you can afford. After you find the perfect home, you’ll feel confident about closing the mortgage because you’re already approved.

Save thousands of dollars.  An ABC is the smart way to show home sellers and real estate agents that you’re willing and able to buy. Improve your negotiating power so that you can purchase the home you want at a fair price.

Be ready to close in half the time. You've already done most of the work, so it's a cinch to finish. Spend less time on the loan and more time thinking about your new place.

Get your ABC.
Do it online in 15-mins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Approved Buyer Cert and why it's better than a mortgage pre approval.

Are a pre qualification and a pre approval the same thing?


  • Pre qualification is informal
  • Pre approval checks credit, employment, and financials using real numbers
  • Pre approval is the gold standard as it’s based on real data, not assumptions

What are the advantages of an Approved Buyer Cert?

To name a few:

  • You get real mortgage loan approval before you shop for a home
  • Underwriter verifies loan file at the pre approval level
  • It improves your negotiating power
  • Expedites the mortgage process
  • Shows real estate agents and sellers that you are willing and able to buy

How long does it take to get pre approved?

Enter your information online in 15 minutes from any device such as iPhone, tablet, pc, etc.

Learn more about our approval process.

Not comfortable online? Talk with a human 855-610-1112

How do I get an Approved Buyer Cert?

  • on this page - click ‘Get Started’
  • Enter zip code, purchase price, $ down payment, your credit rating, search rates
  • Pick a loan and rate, see the monthly payment, including taxes and insurance and all fees, with incredible detail all in less than 60 seconds, click ‘Apply Now’
  • Create Your Account to apply with NewCastle Home Loans
  • Follow the instructions online and or call us 855-610-1112 for assistance

What's missing from the Approved Buyer Cert?

  • Signed purchase contract
  • Satisfactory property appraisal (if required)
  • Clear title
  • Final verification of no adverse changes to the borrower’s financial situation

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