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About Jim Quist


I’m Jim Quist, President and Founder of NewCastle Home Loans. I’ve been working in the mortgage business for more than 22 years. I started NewCastle Home Loans in 2003 in order to make getting home loans faster, cheaper, and completely interactive. With the old process, you dealt with dozens of different people and waited weeks through multiple approval stages. The process was inefficient and frustrating.

Our mortgage company uses a custom designed, online system to give you exact loan rates in seconds, get you approved in minutes, and let you know where your loan is at the every step of the way. Not only are our approval processes faster, but we also can close your loan in as little as 15 days. That’s 3x faster than other Chicago mortgage lenders.


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16 Oct 2021
| 15 min read

Why you should consider a multi-family home as a first-time homebuyer

Let me give you a piece of advice I wish I’d had when I was looking for my first home: Consider buying a multi-family property as a first-time homebuyer. 

27 Sep 2021
| 15 min read

Using Future Rental Income From Your Current Property to Buy a New Home

You might be ready to move, but it doesn’t mean you have to be ready to sell. Having two homes doesn’t mean you have to qualify for two mortgages outright if you plan to rent out the house you’re vaca...

09 Jul 2021
| 22 min read

How to Get a DACA Mortgage Loan

Obtaining a mortgage can be scary and difficult for homebuyers in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. We totally get it. It’s a complicated process, and you probably have lots o...

10 Mar 2020
| 3 min read

Can you refinance your current home before buying a new one?

"My wife and I have $100,000 remaining on the 15-year mortgage for our current home in Illinois. This has been our primary residence for the past 7 years and we want to refinance into a 30-year mortga...

21 Feb 2020
| 14 min read

How to lock-in a low mortgage rate

Jerry is furious. The interest rate was 3.5% three weeks ago. Today, a week before closing, the loan officer said the rate is 4%!

28 Jan 2020
| 5 min read

Can I get a mortgage if I owe federal tax debt to the IRS?

If you owe tax debt to the IRS, you may be afraid your dream of homeownership is on the line. And our underwriters are here to to tell you how you can get approved for a mortgage if you owe federal ta...

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