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Jim Quist

I help people buy homes by explaining the mortgage process, showing how much it costs upfront, and guiding you to homeownership, ensuring everything goes smoothly. Enjoy a lower rate, better service, and a faster close.
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Jim Quist
President & Founder
NewCastle Home Loans

Reliable customer service

Buying a home should be a delightful experience.

You're in the right place for quality customer service. We're celebrating 20 years of making homeownership simpler, faster, and more convenient.   

Years of mortgage lending experience

First-time homebuyers served

Customer approval rating

"NewCastle helped me get my first mortgage, and I recommend them very highly. Incredible customer service, super responsive, and played a huge role in..."

Andy S.

"My experience with New Castle Home Loans and Jim's team was nothing short of outstanding. They provided me with a home loan that was tailored to my family's needs, and the entire process was incredibly easy-going and hassle-free..."

Alex Grubbe
NewCastle Home Loans Google Review

"Fastest and most reliable service I have ever had and heard. I am especially thankful for Jim Quist for his knowledgeable and caring service. His service was above and beyond..."

Monir Moghadam
NewCastle Home Loans Google Review

"I have done three mortgages with new castle. Perfect efficincy and super happy to work with them again."

Yuankai Huo
NewCastle Home Loans Google Review

"The NewCastle team helped us achieve our long-time goal of becoming homeowners. I never dreamed closing on a home could go so smoothly for us. They were..."

Michele Librado

"Highly recommended! Jim and his entire time were friendly, helpful, and responsive. I'm glad I worked with this business, who has an office right here in the city and understands the intricacies of the Chicago market."

Keenan D
NewCastle Home Loans Google Review

"Had a great experience working with Jim and his team. Surely recommended!"

Mo T
NewCastle Home Loans Google Review

"It’s been a absolute pleasure working with the New Castle team for the 2nd time, I can’t say enough good things about this company..."

Pat McRay
NewCastle Home Loans Google Review

"I worked with Jim last year and worked with him again this year as well. Jim was very helpful, and is very obvious that he..."

Alex Alvarado
NewCastle Home Loans Google Review

"I just closed on my home yesterday, as a first time home buyer all because of Jim, literally!!!! …"

Day Day
NewCastle Home Loans Google Review

You're in the right place for a home loan.

Getting a mortgage through a big bank or internet lender is expensive, impersonal, and lengthy. Only 25% of homebuyers are satisfied with the outcome, according to McKinsey & Company's survey. Rely on NewCastle Home Loans and our team of mortgage experts to guide you to homeownership, ensuring everything goes smoothly.
  View an honest rate qouteStart with an honest rate quote.

See the actual rate and monthly payment upfront on our website. Then, feel confident about buying a home because you know what to expect.


  Same day preapprovalReceive same-day pre-approval.

Make an offer quickly and take advantage of every opportunity to buy the perfect home.


  Get your offer acceptedGet your offer accepted.

Improve the likelihood of winning the deal. A mortgage pre-approval letter signed by an underwriter enhances your negotiating power, especially when competing with other buyers.

  Lower rates and feesLock in the lowest rate.

Efficiency and low overhead drive down our costs. Then, we pass the savings to you so you for the best deal on your home loan.


  Closing planFollow the closing plan.

Never feel lost. Know what to do and when to do it. 


  Dedicated teamEnjoy better service

Rely on our staff of certified mortgage underwriters to guide you to homeownership, making sure everything goes smoothly.

Customer 30 H M Outside

Get pre-approved for a mortgage.

A powerful pre-approval letter, signed by an underwriter, improves your chances of winning the deal.

Book some time to talk about your home purchase.

Schedule a 15-minute call and get your questions answered. 
  • Learn what to do next.
  • Gather reliable information.
  • Move forward with your home purchase.

Start with reliable mortgage information.

My short videos and articles will help you find the right loan for the perfect home. 
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Real Estate Transfer Tax Calculator | Chicago metro area

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Debt-to-Income ratio | What is a good DTI for a mortgage?

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How much is a down payment on a house

Down Payment | How much is a down payment on a house?

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How a mortgage credit check affects your score

How a mortgage credit check affects your score

Multiple inquiries from mortgage companies within 45 days are grouped and counted as a single inquiry, which minimizes the impact on your credit...

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