Our Story

Move in and move forward.

The moment is finally here. You put the key - your key - into the lock for the very first time. And turn. All of the warnings from family and friends about a long, drawn out, frustrating process. This was so much easier than you expected. Eight weeks of uncertainty? Not even close. In less than three weeks, you are standing on your front steps. You take a deep breath and smile. As the front door opens, a whole world of possibility accompanies your first steps into your brand new home.

These are the moments that inspired us to do more for you when you’re ready to buy your first home. Every new situation can seem a little scary, so our primary focus is making sure the process is simple, and you enjoy this next big step you’re taking. We get it. We get you. Life can be chaotic, unexpected, and expensive.


The old mortgage process is overwhelming.

When your parents purchased their first home, papers were signed and passed around a dozen different people. They had to constantly check in, wait for multiple approval stages, and many times even had to resubmit lost papers. Loan estimates would be different from bank to bank, even if they were the same company. And the estimates were probably different from the actual rates. Your parents had a complex system of hidden back-office inefficiencies. The whole process was clunky. It was tiresome, frustrating, and generally not the fun experience it should be when buying your first home.


So we changed that.

For the first time ever, your experience is the way it should've been all along - faster, cheaper, and completely interactive. We've cut out the needless processes of the past and instead, implemented a three-person team, dedicated specifically to your loan. You know who is looking at your paperwork and you can communicate with them directly at any time. Our innovative, custom designed, online system gives you exact rates, not estimates, in seconds. We designed it that way so you know your rate before your coffee is even done brewing. And how low are the rates? Since we cut out many of the hands that could lose paperwork along the way, we don't have the overhead costs every other company does. We pay less so you pay less. Through simplicity and integrity, you're standing keys in hand, ready to move in, in one-third the time it takes all other typical loans.


We've got your back.

Not familiar with the home buying process at all? Check out some of our educational materials online or give our staff a call. This is a two-way relationship and we’ll help guide you.

We're investing in your future because our loyalty is to you. Not the banks. Not the market. We’ve seen the past. We’ve experienced the past. Everyone else is still there. But you’re not.

When you’re handed your keys for the first time, would you rather be frustrated, stressed, and saying “finally!”? OR. Would you rather be calling your movers ahead of schedule, excited to begin your new life?


Finally. Someone who understands you.

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