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What other mortgage lenders don’t tell you is that you need a loan approval before you look for your home. They’ll give you a pre-qualification from their sales team, but you can't trust a pre-qualification. It's usually based on a credit check only. And pre-approval letters don’t guarantee your financial information was actually verified. Instead, you’ll waste time talking to their sales team and getting buried in paperwork. You won’t know what kind of of home you’re actually qualified for until it’s too late.

At NewCastle Home Loans, you get a certified loan approval online in 15 minutes. You’ll save time, avoid relentless salespeople, and improve your negotiating power over other homebuyers by presenting your loan approval to your realtor before you’ve even looked for a home.

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I’m Jim Quist, President and Founder of NewCastle Home Loans.

I'm from and grew up in the greater St. Louis area, and my team has been working in the mortgage business in Missouri for more than 15 years. St. Louis has one of the most unique housing markets in the country and has changed dramatically over the past ten years. When you start your journey to find a home, you need someone that understands how to navigate the complex market and make your home buying process simple.

If you ever had the unfortunate experience of going through the old mortgage process, you’d know it was inefficient and frustrating. You dealt with dozens of different people and waited week through multiple approval stages. Back in 2003, I founded NewCastle Home Loans so we could make getting a mortgage cheaper, faster, and completely interactive.

Our St Louis based team uses a custom designed, online system to give you exact loan rates in seconds, get you approved in minutes, and let you know where your loan is at the every step of the way. Not only are our approval processes faster, but we also can close your loan in as little as 15 days. That’s 3x faster than other Missouri mortgage lenders.

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"They were fantastic. From the very beginning, they explained everything to us and gave us different options. I've been doing business with Jim for over 10 years, and he is really outstanding...The whole process was FAST! If you are looking for a purchase or a refinance, they are the people to do it with" - JC
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"We just financed our new home with NewCastle and were very pleased with the service and professionalism. This is the 3rd time I've worked with Jim and Jessica for home financing needs and would recommend them to anyone in need of a mortgage or refinancing. - Dave Braun
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"NewCastle Home Loans helped us in every way they possibly could to secure a loan for our first home. The application process is very simple and streamlined online - and their website is very systematic. The team at NewCastle responds to every call and e-mail with urgency."  - Arsalan A.

Try our Mortgage Calculator and see your mortgage rates instantly.              Search Rates


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Try our Mortgage Calculator and see your mortgage rates instantly.              Search Rates