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About Russell McCarel


Russell McCarrel is a Mortgage Loan Officer at NewCastle Home Loans with more than three years of professional experience in mortgage lending. Before joining NewCastle, Russell has worked in every aspect of the mortgage process as a Consumer Loan Officer, Consumer Underwriter, Processor, and Mortgage Specialist.

Inspired by his father serving as a police officer for the University of Chicago, Russell wanted his career to focus on helping people. As a result, Russell received his Associates Degree in Fire Science while working as a firefighter/EMT. However, Russell found his calling as a Loan Officer and an alternative route to help others.

Through honesty and transparency, Russell’s goal is to make the home buying journey as exciting and easy as possible for each of his clients. Russell will not only make it simple for you to know where you are during the entire mortgage process, but also make sure you have the tools you need to understand each step as well.

In addition, Russell has been happily married to the wonderful Cadence McCarrel for five years.

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Causes Russell cares about:

Woodstock Pride
BLACKDOG All Breed Dog Rescue

Russell's Articles:

23 Jan 2019
| 7 min read

5 steps to fix your credit score

It’s everyone’s favorite topic to avoid - fixing your credit score. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan for credit repair, but there are set steps anyone can take to begin repairing their credit. Bec...

17 Jan 2019
| 6 min read

How to build credit fast for a better mortgage rate

Most people have a misunderstanding about building credit. Building your credit score is incredibly easy and can be done quickly. In fact, you can establish a strong credit score with no prior credit ...

14 Jan 2019
| 4 min read

How credit scores affect your mortgage rate and approval

When you’re ready to buy a home, your credit score plays a major role in what kind of house you can afford and your mortgage payments - especially the interest rate.

19 Dec 2018
| 10 min read

How to qualify for IHDA down payment assistance in Illinois

If you plan to purchase a home in Illinois, IHDA (Illinois Housing Development Authority) has down payment assistance programs to help you. These programs are geared toward helping first-time home buy...

18 Dec 2018
| 3 min read

Real estate agents are getting 49% more qualified leads with Matterport!

For more than five years, I've been working as a mortgage lender with realtors. The longer I’m in this business, the more I’m amazed at what an advantage Matterport is for my realtor colleagues. It's ...

04 Dec 2018
| 10 min read

How to make sense of the VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

In this article, I’ll show you how to quickly read and understand the Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This information will make it easy for you to see if you’re eligible for a VA Loan so that you c...

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