Do you love your home but not your home loan?

The good news is your mortgage isn't set in stone. When you refinance your home, you trade in your old mortgage for a new one with a new loan amount, interest rate, and term. As life changes, a new mortgage can free up money and financial flexibility.

With NewCastle Home Loans, you can search your rates in seconds and get approved in minutes for a new mortgage that better fits your current situation.


 Why should you refinance? 

Lower your interest rate
Rates may have changed since you initially bought your home. You can take advantage of a new rate and save big every month.
Change the length of your loan term 
  • Change a 30-year fixed to a 15-year mortgage to lower your interest rate and save money on interest payments.
  • Refinancing into a longer term loan can lower your monthly payments when you need flexibility.
Replace your ARM with a fixed rate mortgage
Your financial situation likely changed since you first bought your home. Compared to an ARM, a fixed-rate mortgage offers more predictability for easier budgeting.
Take cash out
Get a Cash-Out Refinance on your mortgage to pay off old debts, repair your home, buy a new property, and so much more. 
Wipe out your mortgage insurance
Save thousands of dollars by refinancing your mortgage and saying goodbye to mortgage insurance forever.


Ready to see what you qualify for? 

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The remaining balance of your original loan amount

Optional. The amount of equity in your home that you would like to take out when refinancing your loan.

Your estimated credit score.

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Want to talk to a human before you move forward? 

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