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Inside our mortgage technology

Our primary focus is making sure your mortgage process is simple so you enjoy this next big step you’re taking. The best way we can do that is with outstanding customer service and industry-leading technology.

With the old mortgage process, papers were signed and passed around between a dozen different people and you had to constantly check in. Even worse, loan estimates were probably different from the actual rates. The whole process was clunky and frustrating.

For the first time ever, your experience is the way the mortgage process should've been all along - faster, cheaper, and completely interactive. We don’t just say our process is innovative - we can prove it.

Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator
Approved Buyer Certificate
Approved Buyer Certificate
Loan Dashboard
Loan Dashboard



A smaller team means lower rates. Get to know our team and why we created a modern approach to mortgage lending.

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Automated, interactive, and 3x faster than the rest of the industry. We cut out needless processes to save you time and money.

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Our custom, online system gives you exact rates in seconds and makes navigating the mortgage process simple.

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Real-time mortgage calculator with remarkably low rates.

Everything starts with searching your home rates and fees with no strings attached. With our real-time mortgage calculator, can run as many scenarios as you want without a sales team breathing down your neck.

Our custom designed, online system gives you exact rates, not estimates, in seconds. You see live quotes and real numbers in detail.

Oh, and our rates are really low. How? Since we cut out the needless processes of the past, we don't have the overhead costs every other company does. We pay less so you pay less.

Give it a try. It’s completely anonymous. If you see a quote you like, you can apply right then and there.

The money you pay for a house.

The cash you pay to the seller at closing toward the purchase price of a house.

Your down payment as a percent of the purchase price.

Your estimated credit score

Approved Buyer Cert (ABC) - better than the old mortgage pre-approval.

The old mortgage pre-approval or pre-qualification you’re likely familiar with is informal and not based in real data. You don’t want to go home shopping with a “guesstimate” and find out you’re not qualified before it’s too late.

Our Approved Buyer Cert avoids the pre-qualification pitfalls. You enter your information online, and our system automatically checks your credit, employment, and financial details. In 15 minutes, you’re approved and verified by an underwriter before you’ve even shopped for a home. And when you find the right home, you’ll have a competitive edge compared to other home buyers since you know exactly what you qualify for. You’ll already have saved time and money so you can close faster.

Get Started

  • A pre-qualification is informal.
  • A pre-approval checks credit, employment, and financials using real numbers.
  • A pre-approval is the gold standard as it’s based on real data, not assumptions.
To name a few:
  • You get a real mortgage loan approval before you shop for a home.
  • Our in-house underwriter verifies loan file at the pre-approval level all online.
  • It improves your negotiating power.
  • Expedites the mortgage process.
  • Shows real estate agents and sellers you are willing and able to buy.
It only takes 15 minutes from any device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If you'd like to talk before going ahead with your application, give our team a call at 855-610-1112.
  • Click the "Get Started" button above.
  • Enter your zip code, purchase price, down payment amount, and your credit rating - then search rates!
  • Pick a loan and rate, see the monthly payment, including taxes and insurance and all fees, with incredible detail all in less than 60 seconds. Once you see a quote you like, click "Apply Now."
  • Create your account to apply with NewCastle Home Loans.
  • Follow the instructions online. If you have a question, call us at 855-610-1112 for help.
Focus on getting your pre-approval first. We can help you with the rest. Other items we will work on getting are:
  • A signed purchase contract.
  • A satisfactory property appraisal (if required).
  • Clear title.
  • Final verification of no adverse changes to the borrower’s financial situation.
Your Loan Dashboard and custom closing plan.

Once you’re pre-approved and put in an offer on a home, we make it easy to navigate your closing process.

You’ll be at the helm of a secure, online Loan Dashboard serving as your mortgage hub so you know where you are in the process every step of the way. Your closing plan is spelt out with exactly what you need to do and when. Think of your Dashboard as a road map so you can stay on-track. In addition, a three person team dedicated to your mortgage is always available to answer questions.

Better yet, you’ll never print, copy, or email anything. You click-to-sign instantly and all online. Since you can see up-to-the-minute action items and dates, you’ll get a final loan approval three times as fast as other lenders.

Our real-time mortgage calculator does it for you! When you search your rates on our website, you'll see itemized closing costs for your home purchase. 
The results are as accurate as the information you enter into the calculator. Since it's in real-time, all the numbers are accurate up to the minute.

Planning is key to a successful closing, and we create one for you. Once you have your Approved Buyer Cert, you'll have access to your Loan Dashboard that will show you key dates and documentation needed to close with confidence. Use it to organize and chart your way through the mortgage process. The plan includes a sequence of action steps. With each step, we deliver valuable info to keep you, your real estate agent, and your attorney on track.

We build it for you after you apply with us. When you log into your private and secure Loan Dashboard, you can check on your loan status 24/7 and see all your important dates.
Shockingly, not many. Most lenders you work with will not provide this kind of service and transparency. 

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