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We’re a full-service mortgage lender that handles your loan from start-to-finish. We approve, close and fund in-house. Since 2003 we’ve helped thousands become homeowners. Let us help you.

Our home loan process is open, easy to understand, and fast. Get mortgage interest rates in real-time, click-to-sign loan paperwork in seconds and transfer your documents instantly. You’ll know what’s happening at all times with 24/7 loan status online. Our team of mortgage experts is only a click or call away. We’re here to answer your questions.

NewCastle has a different approach to lending. We focus on innovation, transparency, accountability and customer service. In short, we continually refine the loan process and add new and proprietary technologies to increase efficiencies and drive down costs. The results – you get faster service, better rates, and lower fees. We’re all about helping you buy a home, save money and invest in your future.

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