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Frequently Asked Questions

About the typical loan officer's sales commission and shopping for a mortgage 

How much is a typical loan officer commission?

Typical banks and mortgage companies pay loan officers a commission that's equal to 1% of your loan amount. That’s a $3,000 fee for your $300,000 loan! Most banks pay their loan officers a straight commission income.

Should I care if my loan office gets a sales commissions?

Yes. Banks and mortgage companies pass on the cost of the loan officer’s sales commission to you by charging higher rates and fees.  A small improvement to your interest rate could save you thousands of dollars each year.

Why doesn't NewCastle pay it's staff commissions like all the other mortgage companies?

We’re not salespeople. We give you direct access to systems on our website so that you can shop and compare loan programs, mortgage rates, and closing costs without first passing through a salesperson. You get better support from us because commissions don't skew our expert advice. Plus, you get lower rates from us since we don't build a huge commission into your loan. See for yourself.

Why don't other mortgage companies give me real rates and detailed fees online?

Banks and mortgage companies won't give you real mortgage rates or detailed closing cost info online, at least not before they get your private information. You see teaser rates with a list of assumptions on their websites. Then you have to call and talk to their salesperson because they depend on high-commission loan officers to deliver rate and closing cost info to you.

Should I shop around and compare mortgage offers before I decide?

Yes, rates could vary between mortgage lenders by more than 0.5%, and that could cost you thousands of dollars each year. If you're reading this then you've figured out that you need a loan to buy a house. Surprisingly, about half of you don't shop and about 70% apply with only one mortgage company. We think it's because you don't have the time or energy to deal with more than one mortgage salesperson. So we made it fast and easy to compare loans, rates, and costs online

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