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How to get a home loan

What types of home loans do we offer?

What do we finance? focuses on the home loan industry. We finance home purchases and refinances. These homes can be duplexes, 4 families, condos, townhomes, and vacation homes. For us to help you with your financing, it’s going to include a mortgage.    

Modern mortgage experience

We help you achieve your goal of buying a home or lowering your current interest rate. You’ll find our mortgage process fast, innovative, transparent and simple. Our blend of technology and process improvement along with friendly customer service are some reasons our customers enjoy the mortgage journey with us.


NewCastle will offer guidance to you and let you know which loan is most suitable for your goals and financial situation so don’t worry about which loan type is right for you.

We love helping first time home buyers and have first time home buyer programs.  

NewCastle loan types:

  1. fixed and adjustable rate loans
  2. conforming and jumbo loans
  3. conventional and government loans (includes renovation loans)

1. Fixed and adjustable rate loans

Fixed rate loans (interest rates are locked for the duration of the loan)

  • 30 year fixed conventional and FHA
  • 15 year fixed conventional and FHA

(ARM) Adjustable rate loans (interest rates will change)

2. Jumbo and conforming loans

Conforming loans:

  • underwritten by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac  
  • max loan amount based on type of home, address & other variables  

For 2017 in most counties across the USA the conforming loan limit for a home is $424,100 (the max loan amount).

Jumbo loans:  

  • loan amounts over the conforming loan ($424,100 example above)

3. Government and conventional loans:

Government loans are government insured and guaranteed loans.

FHA 203k renovation loans:

  • perfect for the fixer-upper purchase
  • designed to repair bathrooms, decks, patios, plumbing, heating & AC etc
  • expands your purchase & refinancing possibilities for older homes
  • more info from

Conventional loans are home loans not insured or guaranteed by the government.

Are you in the market to buy a home?  

NewCastle specializes in home loans and delivers these loans to our customers with a modern mortgage journey. We provide advice and make sure you are using a loan that is in your best interest.

The loan types we offer are fixed (15 & 30 year) and adjustable rate loans (10/1, 7/1, & 5/1 ARMS), conforming & jumbo loans, government (FHA, VA, USDA) & conventional loans.  

Our home loans include first time home buyer programs like IHDA and 203k renovation loans.

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