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21 Jan 2020
| 4 min read

What Mortgage Rate Can I Expect?

I'm making it easier for everyone to understand how the mortgage process works! As part of my brand new "Ask the Underwriter" feature, I'll be posting your questions and my answers each week. Want to ...

By Calvin
16 Jan 2020
| 10 min read

How to get a DACA mortgage to buy a home

You want to buy a home, but the bank denied your mortgage application because you’re in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

18 Dec 2019
| 3 min read

Can I get approved for a mortgage with income from the marijuana industry?

The legalization of marijuana in the United States has continued to progress at a state level. More than ten states have made it fully legal while others continue to decriminalize and approve medical ...

12 Dec 2019
| 2 min read

How to benefit from a Gift of Equity when buying a home from a family member

If you’re thinking about buying a home from a family member, you should take a quick look into how you can benefit from a Gift of Equity.

13 Nov 2019
| 5 min read

Do I need a real estate attorney to buy or sell a home?

You always want a real estate attorney on your side whether you’re buying or selling a home. They help negotiate deal, write contracts, and avoid complicated legal issues. Attorneys give you peace of ...

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