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11 Feb 2019
| 5 min read

What is a "preferred mortgage lender" and why should I use one?

Starting your home search by finding a mortgage lender is always the best and fastest route. But most people begin by reaching out to a realtor to help them find the right home. When you go this direc...

08 Feb 2019
| 2 min read

Can I get a mortgage if I’m party to a lawsuit?

Question: Years ago, I was in a car accident and have been in a legal battle ever since with the other party who is suing me. I was recently attempting to get pre-approved for a mortgage and was denie...

06 Feb 2019
| 3 min read

5 reasons to buy a home in Wisconsin in 2019

Whether you’re looking for lower home prices, down payment assistance, or affordable metro areas for first-time home buyers, Wisconsin makes a strong case for why you should buy a home there in 2019.

By Calvin
31 Jan 2019
| 4 min read

What does Loan-to-Value (LTV) mean on a mortgage?

When you're getting approved for a mortgage, you're likely to come across the acronym LTV, which refers to the Loan-to-Value ratio. In this blog, we'll cover what the Loan-to-Value ratio means, why it...

By Calvin
23 Jan 2019
| 7 min read

5 steps to fix your credit score

It’s everyone’s favorite topic to avoid - fixing your credit score. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan for credit repair, but there are set steps anyone can take to begin repairing their credit. Bec...

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