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Lee Pelligreen is a Financial Planner with more than 15 years of professional experience. He currently leads NewCastle Home Loans Business Development practice in the St. Louis area. Lee believes the first step towards finding the right home is making sure your financial basics are in order. Before NewCastle, Lee analyzed the needs for appropriate retirement investing, life insurance protection, and long-term care coverage for individuals and small businesses. In addition, Lee worked in Asset Management and helped increase company assets under management from $45 million to $100 million over 20 months. Lee received his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and has passed the Series 6, 63, 65, and 7 security exams as well as the life and health, property and casualty insurance exams.

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Lee's Articles:

10 Oct 2018
| 3 min read

Can a first-time home buyer purchase a home with less than a 5% down payment and not use FHA?

According to Fannie Mae research, the primary barrier for first-time home buyers is saving money for the down payment and closing costs.

16 Aug 2018
| 5 min read

Debt-to-Income Ratio: What is it and how is it calculated?

Have you ever wondered how mortgage lenders determine if you can afford a home? The answer is found in your debt-to-income ratio or DTI. Your debt-to-income ratio is the sum of all your monthly debts ...

26 Jul 2018
| 5 min read

Does Loan-to-Value (LTV) Matter?

We’ve covered the acronym LTV (Loan-to-Value) when we discussed down payments and mortgage insurance, but what does it mean and why does it matter?

21 Jul 2018
| 3 min read

Prepayment penalty for mortgages made simple

Failing to understand the prepayment penalties for mortgages could lead to trouble down the road. In this article, I will dive into all the basics of prepayment penalties, the different types, and hel...

16 Jul 2018
| 3 min read

What is an instant home loan approval?

On a road trip West, we often stopped at the same well-known restaurant chain - good coffee, good food, and fast & friendly service. We knew in advance what the experience would be like and not waste ...

21 Jun 2018
| 5 min read

USDA loans: Getting mortgage assistance in rural and suburban areas

When you start the home buying process, there are plenty of mortgage loans to choose from. If you’re looking to avoid the city life and prefer rural or suburban areas, you should take the time to lear...

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