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John Condry has joined the Business Development team at NewCastle Home Loans. Since graduating from college in 1998, John has seen everything the mortgage banking business has gone through and thrown at him.

“I remember working extremely hard, focusing on home purchases and new construction condos in Chicago in the 1998-2000 market when rates rose to almost 9% for a 30 year fixed!”

Over the last few recent years, John realized he needed to align himself with a team taking advantage of the industry’s technological advances in order to offer home buyers the lowest mortgage rates and fast, reliable service.

“I want my clients to have a complete understanding of every aspect of the home buying and refinance process and offer the lowest rates possible. After 20 years, I take my job very seriously and promise I will explain everything in a way you can understand and will do anything to make the process as simple as possible for you.”


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John's Articles:

09 Nov 2018
| 4 min read

Leverage your VA Loan Benefit and purchase a multi-unit property to build wealth

At NewCastle Home Loans, we’ve seen some very wise moves by honorably discharged U.S. veterans recently. They are embracing their earned eligibility and using a VA Loan to invest in a property worth f...

22 Sep 2018
| 7 min read

How to buy a new construction condo in Chicago

Writing about buying new construction condos brings back so many memories. Working on the lending side of these condo purchases is not only at the center of my mortgage career, but they are also the g...

29 Aug 2018
| 2 min read

How long does it take to close an IHDA mortgage?

Are you a first time home buyer in Illinois and wondering about how long it takes a lender to close an IHDA loan? You aren’t the first. The details aren’t always clear when it comes to down payment as...

02 Aug 2018
| 4 min read

Have an underwater mortgage in Illinois? IHDA I-Refi program offers help

Many Chicago-area homeowners have reported their homes aren’t worth as much as they need to repay. However, the problem stretches across the entire state of Illinois. Homeowners are finding themselves...

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