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2. Get approved


You're buying a house, but first you need a home loan. NewCastle makes it easy for you to get approved now - not in days or weeks.

Move forward with your plans. Get approved in about 15-minutes when you apply online.

See your credit score, for free. The real one that mortgage lenders use to set your interest rate.

Never dig through messy paperwork. Connect your accounts to share your financial info with us. We made it safe and convenient to transfer bank and payroll info in just a few clicks.

Step 1

We give you the power to buy a home without an over-complicated loan process.

The old mortgage lending model involves a lot of people moving paper documents back and forth. It’s inefficient and unsafe.

Honestly, it’s just bad business to stay glued to that process, and several lenders still are. We redesigned our lending process so that you, the borrower, are in charge the entire time.

After you search rates, compare loans, and see how much it will cost, you can actually apply for a loan online. And unlike the traditional lending process that leaves you at the mercy of a loan officer’s timing, NewCastle allows you to apply for loans and sign documents whenever and from wherever.

Our online application process was designed prioritizing your time and the security of your information.  

We give you certainty so you can move in and move forward with your plans. Our online loan application allows you to get instant approval. 

When you apply with NewCastle, we pull your credit. You will get a copy of your credit score - the real one lenders use to determine your rates.

As you enter your information into our encrypted e-share system, that information will be checked in real-time. If you choose to, you can sync your bank account information to your secure application in order to auto-fill that part of the application. We are also able to pull data after you enter some basic information about your employment and income history, which means you don’t have to provide us with pay stubs or W-2s. This way, you avoid a bunch of extra steps and documentation, and we can verify everything automatically.

Once you authorize and deliver your information to us, it goes directly to the decision-maker - the underwriter. Many other banks will pass your financial information back and forth between several people before an underwriter even looks at your files. This could take weeks. With our system, you can get a real decision on the loan within hours of applying.

You can spend two weeks with another lender sending documents back and forth and still not have a decision, or you can enter a little bit of information into our system and have a verified approval within hours.

Keep track of everything securely online so you can focus on other things, like the excitement of buying a home for the first time. Our loan dashboard allows you to have one convenient hub where you can keep your finger on your loan at all times. 

This secure hub will be the location for all of the relevant documents regarding your loan status, like your approved buyer cert. Within this hub, you can import bank and employment information, saving you a lot of time and paperwork.

The loan dashboard allows you to know what’s going on with your loan at all times. Get instantaneous access to your loan at all times. This is something that other lenders just don’t offer. You have to call and email to figure out what’s going down, and you’re never quite sure what’s going on in the process. With the NewCastle loan dashboard, you’ll never feel lost.

Our loan dashboard also includes a closing plan timeline with a series of action items, deadlines, and key dates for your home purchase. Just follow the steps.

NewCastle’s loan dashboard delivers a consistent, reliable, and predictable experience. Buy your home without a hitch.

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