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We make it easy for you to navigate the mortgage process.

Never feel lost. Get a custom-made plan that targets all the key dates for your home purchase. 

Banks don't do this for you. Our Closing Plan spells out exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. It's a road map that gives you a sense of direction so that you stay focused on your goal.

It’s simple. From the start, we give you a timeline with a series of action items, deadlines and all the key dates for your home purchase. No guessing, just follow the steps. 

Always know where you are in the process. Sign in to your online account and check your Closing Plan at any time, from any device. Get updates as they happen and track your progress with ease.

Goodbye stress! NewCastle delivers a consistent, reliable and predictable experience. Would you want it any other way? Buy your home without a hitch - you can plan on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About our Closing Cost Calculator and our Closing Plan

What's the Closing Cost Calculator?

It’s a free tool on our website. Use it to get itemized closing costs for your home purchase. See the interest rate, monthly payment, and itemized closing costs, in real-time. Unlike other mortgage companies, NewCastle gives you real numbers, upfront, without asking for your name, email and social security number. We want to give you real honest to goodness value, at no charge.

Is the Closing Cost Calculator accurate?

The results are as accurate as the information you enter into the calculator. Planning is key to a successful closing, and we think the Closing Cost Calendar will be a big help. See how much your home purchase will cost you in less than 60-seconds. See your closing costs now.

Why is a Closing Plan important?

A good plan is essential, and we create one just for you. Use it to organize and chart your way through the mortgage process. The plan includes a sequence of action steps. With each step, we deliver valuable info to keep you, your real estate agent and your attorney on track.

How do I get a Closing Plan?

We build it for you after you apply with us. Log into your private and secure Dashboard to check on your loan status in real-time, 24/7.

Do all mortgage companies give me some sort of plan to help me prepare to buy a house?

No. We don't know of any mortgage companies that provide this service for you. 

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