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About Chris Harang


Chris Harang is a Business Development Associate at NewCastle Home Loans with more than five years of experience in lending and finance. Chris is responsible for new client outreach to assist home buyers looking to qualify for a mortgage as well as generating new business and community partnerships.

Chris’s hands-on involvement in monitoring and servicing home loans through all stages of the mortgage process allows him to keep an open line of communication with home buyers and identify issues before they’ve even started.

Before joining NewCastle Home Loans, Chris worked as a loan officer and manager of the Chicago office for Wintrust Life Finance and also spent three years at Northern Trust. His extensive experience in both lending and finance provide him with a diverse skill set to help improve NewCastle’s communication with its clients and referral partners while continuously fine-tuning the mortgage workflow.

Chris received his bachelor's degree from Trinity International University. Outside of work, Chris enjoys playing hockey and golf and has extensive experience as a collegiate baseball coach.

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